Commercial Garage Door Repair

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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Looking for a Commercial Garage Door Repair Service?

    Commercial garage doors are popular among business owners, especially those who own storage facilities.

    Unlike the typical residential garage door, a commercial garage door is designed to withstand higher traffic demand.

    Moreover, it uses stronger and more durable materials to secure goods and products inside a facility.

    However, no matter how durable or stronger it is, there will come a time where it might fail while some parts may break.

    So if you are looking for commercial garage door repairs in Austin, you are in the right place.

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is here to provide your commercial garage door with the repair it needs so that you can operate your business efficiently.

    Our Commercial Garage Door Repair

    We understand that a broken commercial garage door can affect your business, especially its security.

    You can trust Lone Star Garage Doors Austin to provide the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

    We can conduct the following commercial garage door repair in Austin:

    Damaged Motor Repair

    As said earlier, there is more traffic on commercial garage doors because of more movement of people or goods.

    As the garage door opens or closes, there is a high chance that the motor will fail, especially those with lower horsepower.

    If there is something wrong with your commercial garage door motor, you can expect us to assess the damage and repair or replace it on the spot.

    We equip our garage door technicians with complete tools and advanced equipment to do all kinds of repair services.

    Commercial Garage Door Alignment

    If you open or close your commercial garage door several times a day, it can go off the tracks in due time.

    For some commercial spaces, it can be typical.

    As a precaution, you should not try to fix a misaligned commercial garage door by yourself.

    It can lead to unwanted incidents or property damages.

    Let our certified garage technicians at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin repair an off-the-track garage door.

    We guarantee that our repair won’t affect the mechanism of your other garage door parts.

    Worn-Out Springs Replacement

    The torsion springs of a commercial garage door experience more tension compared to the residential ones.

    So they tend to get worn out most of the time.

    Once you notice unnecessary noise and vibrations every time you open the garage door, worn-out springs are most likely the cause.

    Luckily, our commercial garage door repair in Austin also includes springs replacement so that you can avoid damaging your whole garage door system.

    With our expert advice, you can pick a garage door spring with the highest quality.

    Damaged Rollers Repair

    The rollers are the ones that help your garage door navigate the tracks reducing the friction.

    Without them, the commercial garage door would be too heavy for the motor, springs, and cables to carry.

    But, as the tracks tend to accumulate dirt, it can affect the movement of the rollers, which may soon lead to its failure.

    If you notice that your commercial garage door is having a hard time opening, then the rollers might be damaged.

    With our garage door repair in Austin, we can fix the damages on the rollers.

    We can also give honest advice whether you need to replace them once they are already beyond repair.

    Reliable Team of Garage Door Technicians in Austin

    As we are in the service sector, we understand that a delayed operation affects revenue.

    So when you have a broken commercial garage door, you can always rely on our professional and dedicated garage door technicians.

    We have years of experience, and we continue to develop our services by learning advanced garage door skills.

    No matter what brand, model, garage door material you own, we can repair it without any faults.

    Speak to Our Team Today

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is available 24/7 to cater to the garage door needs of Austin residents.

    Moreover, we also offer a garage door installation in Austin at the most affordable rates.

    Ask for a quote, and we will give you the full details of our services without hidden charges.

    For an affordable yet high-quality garage door repair and garage door installation in Austin, you can book an appointment by calling us now.

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