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    The door panels of the garage are the most visible part of the mechanism.

    Door panels protect the garage from the outside, and it regulates the temperature inside the garage well.

    With constant exposure to weather elements, panels are bound to gain damages over time.

    It’s normal for door panels to become a canvas of scratches and dents from unsolicited forces and the daily weather.

    Rainwater can cause gradual water damage to the panels.

    If you want to restore the original beauty and aesthetic of the door panels, what should you do?

    Call Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for your garage door panel repair and restoration.

    The moment you fix the panel damages, the condition of the panels improves as well.

    Bring back the gleaming surface of the door panels to maintain the beautiful style of your property.

    Whether you have residential sectional doors or a commercial overhead, flawless door panels always add value to the place.

    Common damages to door panels

    Many damages can happen to the panels.

    It’s best to inspect and look at your panels regularly if there are current impairments in place.

    Look out for these common damages:


    Scratches are shallow dents that occur on the surface of the panels.

    Scratches usually happen from contact with sharp objects inside the garage.

    When sharp edges of items hit the door panels, scratches will be visible from the altercation.


    Dents are deformations on the panel.

    When you accidentally hit the panel, dents form from the unsolicited force of the contact.

    The door panels are usually flat, and dents make the flat panels more deformed and bumpy to the touch.


    With metal panels, corrosion is more prominent.

    The most visible result of corrosion is the rust formation on metal parts.

    While not all door panel materials are prone to corrosion damage, look out for steel panels and the metal items in the mechanism for rust.

    Paint peel off

    While a paint peel off may not be very serious to many garage owners, faded paint can lose the nice appeal of the door panels.

    The paint and color of the panels are the most visible part of the garage, even from a farther distance.

    It’s best to repair and maintain the paint job of the door panels.

    Severe impact

    Accidents happen at any time of the day, and your garage can cause a lot of unexpected impacts on the door panels.

    It’s always best to drive safely when you’re moving out of the garage.

    Backing up on the door panels can severely deform the panel; this may require you to book a replacement to fix the damage.

    Weather damage

    Heat affects the condition of the door panels over time.

    Rainwater can weaken the structure of the door panels, especially if the material is wood.

    If the door panels wear out after too much weather damage, consider door panel replacement.

    Other damage

    If there are other damages to the panels, call us.

    All garage doors are different, and as such, each garage owner has unique experiences with their installation.

    No matter how different all sets are, we can provide service to bring back your panels.

    Garage door repair in Austin

    For all types of panel damage, it’s best to call professionals for repair.

    Our team has experience in fixing the damages to any dent damage.

    Whether you have a vinyl panel or you want to restore the glass window panels, we are here to offer our service.

    Our business has all the tools and equipment necessary to repair that lessens damage to any part of the mechanism.

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is one of the most reliable businesses in town for panel concerns.

    Schedule your appointment with our team for your panel fix!

    The first step to restoring your panels is calling for a team that has the experience to fix any model and type of garage.

    We have garage door panel repair services to fix all panel damages in all types of material.

    Here at our service, Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, our team offers professional services in town.

    Our focus falls on residential panels and commercial overhead panels, and door slats.

    If you decide that a new model is better than a repair, our garage door installation in Austin is available for you.

    We can help you decide whether it’s better to set up new doors or repair the current panels in your garage.

    Let’s work together to keep your garage well-protected and beautiful.

    Schedule your service with our team!

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