Garage Door Spring Replacement

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    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Garage door springs play a vital role in the garage door system.

    Older garage doors use extension springs, which are on the sides of the garage door.

    Meanwhile, the newer garage doors use torsion springs installed at the top of the garage door.

    No matter what kind of garage door springs you have, one thing is for sure – they degrade through time.

    When a garage door spring gets damaged or broken, it requires replacement.

    However, since it is under a lot of tension, it needs an expert’s touch.

    Garage door springs replacement is the expertise of Lone Star Garage Doors Austin.

    We have experienced and fully equipped garage door technicians whenever you need garage door springs replacement.

    When Do You Need a Garage Door Springs Replacement?

    The moment your garage door springs break, call a garage door technician right away.

    Extensions springs come in pairs, and if one of them breaks, the other will be under a lot of stress.

    You need to replace both the extension springs to balance the garage door right.

    For most garages, on the other hand, one torsion spring is enough for a single garage door.

    So once it breaks, get a garage door springs replacement right away.

    But other than the visible breakage on your garage door springs, you need to note these warning signs for a damaged spring:

    Garage Door Closes Too Fast

    When the garage door closes faster than usual, there might be some damages to the springs.

    The springs are responsible for lifting and closing the garage door by compressing and extending their coils.

    Damages in the springs affect the capacity of the springs to move the garage door, especially when the springs extend and close the door.

    Heavy Garage Door

    If you notice that your garage door moves slower than usual, it is another sign of a broken spring.

    But check first if there are issues with the setting of your garage door opener.

    If there is none, then call Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for a garage door springs replacement.

    Unnecessary Noises

    Squeaking, screeching, or any other unnecessary noises while the door is moving means damaged springs.

    These noises might come from the effects of the garage door parts under a lot of tension since the springs can no longer assist in lifting or closing the garage door.

    Garage Door Springs Replacement Services

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we provide the highest quality of garage door springs replacement.

    We offer the following garage door spring services:

    Thorough Inspection of Garage Door Springs

    Our garage door technicians can conduct a detailed inspection on your garage door springs — no matter what type of spring.

    Our years of experience will undoubtedly help you assess whether your garage door springs require a replacement.

    Quick Spring Installation

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is your trusted partner for a quick and efficient garage door spring installation.

    We make sure that we can get quality and durable springs for your garage door.

    You can also expect us to deliver our garage door services during emergencies.

    We guarantee a fast response and execution.

    Garage Door Springs Upgrade

    As mentioned earlier, extension springs are already outdated.

    Our garage door installation in Austin provides torsion spring installation.

    If you have a more modern garage door system, don’t worry since we can install torsion springs for all kinds of garage doors.

    Springs Maintenance

    Our in-depth garage door maintenance service also includes garage door springs maintenance.

    Once you call us for general maintenance, we can lubricate your garage door springs, as well as the rollers, tracks, and other moving parts.

    Book an Appointment with the Best Garage Door Company

    Aside from our garage door springs replacement, we take pride in our garage door repair in Austin.

    Our highly-skilled garage door technicians cater to Austin residents whenever they face garage door issues.

    We have developed garage door services tailored to the needs of the community.

    So whenever you notice a snapped cable, broken spring, unbalanced garage door, and unresponsive opener, you can rely on us.

    We have the right tools and advanced equipment to serve you to the best of our abilities.

    Contact Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for the best garage door installation and garage door repair in Austin.

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