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    Is your garage door not opening even though you pressed its remote device many times?

    So that you can avoid the hassle of getting out of the car and manually opening the garage door, let a trusted garage door technician check and repair your automatic opener.

    A garage door opener is the power unit that hangs from the ceiling towards the rear of the garage.

    It controls the garage door’s mechanism through a motor connected to other parts, such as springs, cables, and belt drives.

    There is a switch inside the garage or a radio remote control device programmed with your garage door opener.

    If your garage door opener suddenly stops working, try checking the power first or your remote device’s batteries.

    If they are not the problems, it is best to seek an expert’s help.

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin will gladly help you repair your unresponsive garage door opener.

    With our garage door repair, you don’t have to worry about not getting into your own garage.

    Quick and High-Quality Garage Door Opener Repair in Austin

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is a team of well-trained garage door experts.

    Even though there are a lot of advanced garage door opener models in the market today, we always have the appropriate solutions.

    Here are some of the garage door opener repairs we provide:

    Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

    Through time, your garage door opener may get damaged due to everyday use.

    Some malfunctioning issues include slow response or no response at all.

    In these times, you should let a garage door technician check and find the culprit of the problem.

    Especially if there are some wiring damages, only a garage door technician can fix your automatic opener.

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we have developed efficient fault-finding procedures to pinpoint the problem of your garage door opener.

    Then, we can repair the detected problems right away at your request.

    Broken Belt Drives, Chains, or Screw Drives Repair

    The typical garage door openers use belt drives, chains, or screw drives to operate the garage door.

    They are usually connected to the pulley and cables of the garage door system.

    If your garage door is not opening and the opener is working fine, let us check the drives or chains.

    No matter what automatic opener model you have, we are skilled enough to conduct a garage door repair in Austin.

    Garage Door Opener Programming

    Sometimes, the cause of an unresponsive garage door opener is improper programming.

    Basically, garage door opener programming sets up and connects your garage door opener remote device with the unit on the ceiling.

    Although the instructions are on the unit’s manual, some people find it hard to program the remote device.

    So our garage door technicians in Austin can assist you in programming your remote device with the opener.

    Moreover, we can also program your automatic opener with the designated switch inside your car if your car has that feature.

    Lastly, we can activate your mobile phone or tablet access on the garage door opener.

    Extensive Garage Door Repair in Austin

    Aside from our garage door opener repair, we can also repair other garage door parts, such as the following:

    • Motor
    • Rollers
    • Springs
    • Tracks
    • Garage door panels
    • Switch
    • Cables
    • Drums and tube
    • Emergency cord
    • Safety sensors

    We always prioritize your garage door concerns.

    Our garage door repair in Austin is available around the clock.

    So don’t hesitate to contact us because we always have your back!

    Why Choose Lone Star Garage Doors?

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin has a reputable name in Austin.

    Our dedicated garage door technicians have developed efficient and top-rated methodologies catering to the needs of our clients.

    We also have the necessary equipment and advanced tools to get the job done as quickly as possible, yet with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

    Also, if you are planning to get a garage door, you can trust us to conduct a flawless and quick garage door installation in Austin.

    Ask for a quote from us, and we will gladly fill it out in full detail and without hidden charges.

    Our garage door repair and garage door installation in Austin is second to none.

    So, book an appointment now.

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