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    On average, garage doors last for about 10-20 years, while the lifespan of the other parts ranges from 5-10 years.

    If you have an old garage door, it may be best to check it for damages.

    Otherwise, it can be a hazard, which you could prevent with the proper maintenance and repair.

    It is best to rely on a garage door technician to repair your broken springs, snapped cables, misaligned track, and other garage door damages.

    In that way, you can ensure that the repair is accurate and durable; this saves your money from future repair or installation expenses.

    So for a garage door repair in Buda, you can always depend on Lone Star Garage Doors Austin.

    We are a team of dedicated and hardworking garage door experts and technicians who can provide affordable yet quality garage door repair in Austin.

    Here are some of our garage door repair services that you can expect:

    Broken Springs Replacement

    In a garage door system, springs often break first because they experience the most tension.

    Springs are responsible for lifting and closing the garage door by compressing or extending.

    There are two types of springs, which are the extension springs and the torsion springs.

    Outdated garage door systems use extension springs, which are on both sides of the garage door.

    Meanwhile, torsion springs are the newer version designed as more durable than the extension springs.

    When springs break, the garage door requires a spring replacement and not repair.

    The springs must always be in their top condition to avoid the sudden fall of the garage door.

    So you can rely on Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for your garage door springs replacement.

    Our garage door repair in Buda includes quality springs replacement, which will undoubtedly last long.

    Off-Track Fix

    A garage door has a set of tracks where its rollers travel.

    But over time, the garage door could come off the track due to untightened fasteners, debris, track damages, and dents.

    Fixing an off-the-track garage door is never easy.

    It involves disassembling some parts, and an error could cause damages to the whole garage door system.

    Leave the off-the-track garage door to our skillful garage door technicians.

    No matter what type, model, and mechanism of your garage door, we have the right solutions prepared to fix it.

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    The automatic garage door opener works with a remote device to open or close the garage door automatically.

    Moreover, it also sets the garage door’s settings, such as speed, maximum opening height, and other features.

    When your garage door opener is unresponsive, frequency issues or internal damages are the possible problems.

    Don’t hesitate to call for a garage door repair in Buda.

    Our team is always available to cater to your garage door opener concerns any time of the day and any day of the week.

    Visible Dents Removal

    It is a fact that garage doors increase property value by enhancing your curb’s appeal.

    However, when you leave a visible dent on it after a collision, then your home’s value could depreciate.

    The dents could also affect the mechanism of your garage door, especially if the dent is big enough to get stuck along the tracks.

    To remove the dents, Lone Star Garage Doors Austin can assess the dents and repair them.

    If the dents affect the whole garage door system, we also offer garage door installation in Austin with the best materials of your choice.

    Trusted Garage Door Repair in Buda

    The services mentioned above are just some of our top-rated garage door services.

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is one of the most trusted garage door service providers in Buda.

    We have catered to numerous clients who always come back for our excellent and quality craftsmanship.

    Our service-oriented staff is equipped with the right tools and advanced devices to provide you with the best garage door repair and garage door installation in Austin.

    We continue to develop our methodologies according to the garage door needs and concerns of our clients.

    Expect our team to be at your doorsteps as soon as possible after your call.

    We are also available 24/7 for emergency garage door repair in Austin.

    Call and book an appointment with our friendly staff now.

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