What Is A Sectional Garage Door?

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    Sectional doors are the most common type of garage door in any property.

    If you’re looking to install a brand new model inside the garage, consider a sectional.

    There are many advantages to a sectional door.

    Moreover, there are tons of businesses that cater to garage door installation in Austin.

    These services cover most sectionals and other types of doors.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to offer our services in town.

    Our team has a lot of experience in setting up sectional doors to protect garages.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else as we are very proficient in providing services for installation and repair.

    We are available at all times of the day, and we can discuss the best sectionals that fit your budget and needs.

    We give our recommendations and long-lasting services with you in mind.

    Our goal is to ensure that you don’t need to keep spending money every few years to buy brand new doors to the garage.

    One sectional model with the most durable installation will last you a lifetime.

    Nevertheless, what is a sectional garage door, and what are the benefits of having a sectional in your garage?

    Sectional garage doors: definition

    A sectional garage door is a garage door made up of separate panel sections of material.

    While many doors are made with horizontal panels, sectionals can also be split vertically depending on your garage.

    Our typical image of a door is one entire door slab made of a material such as wood, glass, or steel.

    Sectional panels are split into sections, with hinges connecting the panels in the middle.

    There are many customizations you can do with a sectional door.

    Compared to rolling steel doors or side-hinged doors made with one entire slab, sectionals are easier to transport because of the smaller size.

    Benefits of a sectional garage door

    If you still doubt about installing sectional panels, here’s a list of benefits or advantages of a sectional.

    Various styles and design

    There are various styles you can choose for a sectional panel.

    Since it’s not focused on one material only, like a steel roll-up or aluminum doors, you can choose various options for a sectional.

    The popularity of sectionals has led to its wide range of designs as well.

    Whether you’re choosing a rustic theme, contemporary, or modern house aesthetics, sectionals cover it.

    Saves space

    One of the biggest benefits of a sectional door is saving space.

    If you need a door that can open up flexibly, the sectional is your option.

    Smaller driveways benefit from the features since sectional panels can slide upward for an open.

    Other doors to the garage, like a tilt-up, may need some headspace from a parked car to function.

    Provides maximum security

    Sectional doors provide great protection to the garage.

    Even if there are hinges between the doors, sectionals form into one slab that protects the garage entrance.

    You don’t need to worry about unwanted people prying open the garage using a crowbar.

    Moreover, the durable material for sectionals seals the entry of the garage very well.

    Easier to customize for insulation

    Additional features always improve the garage.

    If you want to save some power or heat inside, insulation is necessary.

    Luckily, you can add insulation material to the sectionals.

    Discuss with your service to customize the insulation factor for the door.

    Fits in a lot of garage and driveway

    Driveways and garages go together.

    However, the size of each area may differ vastly.

    Small driveways need a flexible door to the garage, so any vehicle doesn’t need to park out too much before going in.

    Luckily, sectional panels move upward or downward without the need for ample front swing space from the garage.

    Who can you call to help set up the first sectionals inside your garage?

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we provide services to install, repair, and maintain sectional doors regularly.

    Our garage door repair in Austin covers an extensive list of damages to a sectional mechanism.

    Moreover, from the simple maintenance tasks of hinge lubrication and inspection of parts, we are available to ensure that your doors last long.

    We provide affordable services to homes and businesses in Austin.

    What is a sectional garage door?

    They are the perfect doors for your garage.

    Book a job with our team!

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