What Are Garage Doors Made Of?

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    Garage Door Repair in Cedar Park: A Comprehensive Guide

    While it’s fun planning and selecting the first doors in your garage, you may start to wonder about a lot of things.

    It’s rare for owners to wonder about the technicalities of the mechanism.

    As a garage owner, your topmost priority is ensuring that the doors inside your garage are functioning correctly.

    Safety will always be an essential aspect of any installation and repair.

    However, it’s not uncommon to wonder this: what are garage doors made of?

    As there are many customizations and modifications you can do to your doors, it’s only fitting that you know what you can do with your model.

    Mostly, the garage doors are made up of individual parts, and you can choose the material of each part according to your garage needs.

    Because you can change the material of the parts, the cost for each modification will differ.

    It’s best to consult with experts to know which door materials are better to make the doors durable.

    Always remember that uncontrollable factors such as external exposure and weather can degrade the parts of the mechanism.

    Let’s find out the most common material that is present in many mechanisms:

    Wooden doors

    Wooden doors are very popular in many garages around the world.

    The natural ambiance of wood makes homes very refreshing and pleasing to the eyes.

    Wood also matches with a lot of home aesthetics and style.

    Wood is a very durable material and mixed with the best treatments and layers; you will have doors that can stay functional over the years.

    It’s best to schedule an inspection to ensure no termites and pests make way inside the wooden panels.

    Steel doors

    Metal doors are famous for flexible doors that provide high durability and ease of installation.

    Steel doors are made of layers of galvanized steel to ensure that the layers stay intact in the tracks.

    There are many ways to style steel doors.

    These doors fit homes with contemporary designs, seeking cleaner designs.

    The only downside of steel is its likeliness to deep dents and surface scratches.

    Aluminum doors

    Aluminum doors are another type of metal material for garage doors.

    Unlike steel, aluminum is a much lighter material that doesn’t sacrifice protection.

    If you want to install lightweight doors open to various designs and styles, choose aluminum doors.

    These doors are also resistant to corrosion and rust, unlike other metal materials.

    One of the things you need to look out for is the aluminum door’s softness in the presence of high heat levels.

    Composite doors

    Composite material is a mix of wood and fiberboard skins in the panel.

    Composite doors are simple and easy to maintain, unlike other panel materials.

    Since the composite material is not entirely wood, then the panels of composite doors are lightweight.

    However, composite doors are not perfect, and there are still things you need to consider.

    Cracks and paint chips are more visible in the composite material of the panel.

    Fiberglass doors

    Fiberglass material is a mix of glass microns, resin, and additional insulation material.

    If you want an energy-efficient garage, fiberglass offers flexible capacities to handle additional insulation layers in the panel.

    Doors made of fiberglass don’t rust and corrode and provide a rigid structure along the tracks.

    However, fiberglass may not stand well in colder weather conditions.

    If you live in a colder location, the fiberglass material may not allow for a smooth function of door panels in the tracks.

    Vinyl doors

    Lastly, you have vinyl material.

    Vinyl is another subset of fiberglass doors.

    The upside is that vinyl doors are very cost-effective and are dubbed as “kid-proof” doors.

    Vinyl is difficult to dent and break.

    The only downside is that you need to invest in additional insulation layers to keep the garage warm.

    Call Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for your garage door installation in Austin

    While you wonder, “what are garage doors made of,” think of the installation as well.

    The doors only last long as the installation service of the model.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer our installation service for you.

    Our team also specializes in giving garage door repair in Austin for any damage.

    It doesn’t matter what material your door is made of; we can fix the issues you might experience some time.

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