Walk Through Garage Door Installation And Repair

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    Walking through garages always feels like a showcase.

    As you wait for the door opener to lift the entire slab, pests and insects are welcome inside your garage.

    Other things are inside your garage before you even step inside.

    What can you do about this, and how do professional companies help you vanish the problem?

    One option you have is walk through garage door installation and repair.

    Now, there’s no need to open the entire garage for the whole world to see.

    You can have an accessible entrance fit only for you and your family members.

    What better way to add these types of doors than to hire professionals in the first place?

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer our expertise in garage entrance.

    Let’s plan together the walk through doors that can give your garage the easy access it needs without sacrificing the protection of full doors.

    What are walk through doors?

    Walk through garage doors are doors for people and pets.

    If the entire door panel covers the big garage entry, the walk through door is a smaller partition of that door.

    You can have a separate standard door near the garage door or a hinged door that is directly connected or within the door panels.

    You can swing the walk through doors open and not operate the opener to lift all the door panels along the tracks.

    It’s the perfect type of door for people and pets who frequent the garage often.

    Now, you don’t need to witness flies and insects make their way inside your garage.

    Open the walk through doors and go inside your residence without waiting for door panels to traverse down.

    Garage door installation in Austin for your first walk through doors

    It’s best to match the walk through doors with the door panels.

    Consider the walk through doors an extension of the door panels in the tracks.

    This will enlarge your door frame and garage space.

    Moreover, more than deciding on the style and matching material of the doors, it’s best to invest in the installation service.

    Install walk through doors and make your garage more accessible for people and pets.

    We are available to install additional doors inside your garage.

    If you are in the process of planning your first garage door installation, why not add a walk through door on the side of the panels?

    Garage door repair in Austin for any damage and issue with the walk through doors

    Damages can happen at any time, and constant usage makes the walk through door vulnerable to wear out.

    Just like the garage door, you need to maintain the walk through doors.

    It can be particularly tricky to inspect and repair walk through doors that are integrated into the door panels of the garage door.

    When you book for regular maintenance, include the walk through doors in the service.

    If not, we are present to fix the parts of the walk through doors.

    Think of the repair as a typical garage door repair; we can do window panel replacement and dent repairs.

    We are available to offer that repair service to you.

    Replacement service in Austin

    If you’re only looking to replace some parts, our team offers a replacement service.

    We are here to give you efficient replacements.

    Sourcing any part of the mechanism, including the walk through doors, can be difficult.

    We work with a lot of manufacturers in town for this.

    Leave the task to us, so you don’t need to stress over a minor item in the walk through door.

    We are here to replace broken parts of the system.

    You don’t need to compromise the condition of your entire mechanism to contain a damaged part in the walk through door.

    Give our team a call for this service

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here in town to give our services.

    If you haven’t thought it was possible to get direct garage access, the walk through doors is your chance.

    We are here to help you set up these doors within your door panels, besides your door tracks, or in a different garage entrance altogether.

    We are available at any time to perform a walk through garage door installation and repair.

    Contact us for any concerns and inquiries, or book a job with our team!

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