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    When we think of a garage door, the most common image would be a door that lifts.

    As the door travels upward, it disappears in the headroom of the garage.

    Then, when the panels are nowhere in sight, the garage reveals its space as you drive your vehicle inside.

    Undeniably, overhead doors are more popular and common in many households and businesses.

    However, do you know that there are doors that can slide sideways instead of traversing upward?

    These doors, in contrast to overhead doors, need sideways tracks for the door panels to move.

    Sideways sliding garage doors or side sliding doors also provide benefits for many types of garage.

    If you want to explore other types of doors that you can book for your garage door installation, why not consider side sliding doors.

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we offer installation for all types of doors to the garage.

    Our team has experience in setting up doors for different garages in various orientations.

    If you’re looking for the next door in your new garage, consider side sliding doors.

    What is a sideways sliding garage door?

    Side sliding doors are door panels with tracks on the garage wall instead of the typical headroom.

    The side sliding doors are more flexible than the typical sliding door.

    Instead of having glass panels that protect the space, you have heavy-duty door panels that can glide flexibly along curved tracks.

    There are many designs and customizations you can make for side sliding doors.

    Other terms or names for these doors are slide-to-side doors and side-sliding sectional doors.

    What are the benefits of sideways sliding garage doors?

    Side sliding doors offer some benefits to new garage owners.

    If you’re considering an installation of these doors, here are some advantages of side sliding doors:

    Saves space

    The most prominent advantage of side sliding doors is it saves space.

    If your garage doesn’t have enough headroom to contain overhead tracks, consider side sliding doors.

    You only use wall tracks to contain and guide traveling door panels.

    Moreover, there is no need to dedicate a lot of space to the opener as you can use the walls to fix the parts of the mechanism.

    Requires little force to move

    Power outages can be very problematic for all types of garages.

    However, with side sliding doors, you only need less force to move the panels.

    As you slide the panels to the side, the opener arm and rollers quickly glide along the tracks.

    There’s no need to push aside the panels forcefully, as you need to do sometimes with a rough sliding door.

    Easy to use

    Side sliding doors are relatively easy to use and operate.

    If you want to have an automatic operation, you can use a remote control.

    On the other hand, if you need to open the garage manually, the side sliding doors still have an emergency release cord.

    All you need to do is access the manual operation of the doors and push it sideways to open the garage.

    Functions quietly

    Noise may not be the topmost priority in choosing a door.

    However, with side sliding doors, you still have quiet operation inside the garage.

    The motor of side sliding doors doesn’t need to make as much noise to provide the necessary force to slide the doors.

    The rollers also glide quietly along the tracks to move the door panels.

    Fewer air leaks

    When you want to open the garage with an overhead door, you must wait for the entire slab to lift along the tracks.

    This allows for more air leaks and issues with garage temperature control.

    However, opening the door a little bit already allows you to go inside with side sliding doors.

    You won’t need to experience a colder garage temporarily after going inside.

    Who can you call to set up the new doors inside your garage?

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin; we offer our installation services for side sliding doors.

    Innovations in garage doors include a lot of solutions to include all types of garages.

    Side sliding door models are some of the most successful introductions in the market for garage owners.

    Now, there’s no need to worry about headroom space and backroom clearance.

    Having doors that open to the sides still gives you full access and control to the garage.

    Our team also offers garage door repair in Austin if you need to have professionals fix a part of the side sliding doors.

    You can call us at any time.

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