Should Garage Door Match Front Door?

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    There are many impeccable points in making your entire property seamlessly aesthetic.

    There are many ways to elevate your residence, from following a theme and selecting a particular color palette.

    One way to do this is by garage door installation in Austin for your first set of doors to the garage.

    For many properties, the addition of doors to the garage becomes a swift selling point of the property.

    If you want to elevate the state of your home and raise home value, select good garage doors.

    However, a specific matter stands in your decision: should garage door match front door?

    In the most literal sense, you don’t need to match the design of both doors.

    As long as you install a door that fits, you’re good to go.

    Nevertheless, keeping a good eye on the design of all the parts in your home makes your property more integrated and put together.

    If you want to keep a consistent design and style, match the front doors and the doors to the garage.

    This is more crucial if both the garage entries and the front of your home faces the street.

    Though it’s a general rule of thumb, you don’t need to follow it entirely if the decision is against your rational judgment.

    When not to match the garage entry and the front door

    While there are many benefits to matching both the doors to the garage and the front door, it’s more helpful to present the reverse of the situation.

    Do you ever wonder when the times where you SHOULD NOT match both doors are?

    Here are some instances of when NOT TO MATCH the selected doors:

    The front door is a bright color

    The doors to the garage should not follow when you want to make a bold statement using the front door.

    If you want to focus the attention on the front doors, muting the color of the doors to the garage will help.

    What you can do is pick a bold, contrasting color for the front door.

    Color the other parts with a less bold color, like lighter shades of neutral tones, to highlight the front door.

    Matching both the doors to the garage and the front door may overwhelm prospects about the exterior design.

    Unique architecture

    All homes are unique, which means that many homes can sport a very different architecture.

    If your property has a different style than others, it’s not necessary to match the doors to the garage.

    As you focus on making the overall style of the property value, making some aspects very muted helps elevate the property.

    You can choose a very minimal design for the door panels of the garage.

    Also, pick a light color for the doors to the garage to underwhelm the garage; this keeps the doors clean but still in style with the property design.

    The focus is the garage

    The opposite also works if you want to give a focus on the garage.

    If your property’s selling point is a beautiful garage, elevating the look of the garage works well.

    The front door doesn’t need to match the door panel color and style.

    However, you can use very neutral colors and materials to keep a unified look for the exterior.

    As the exterior looks consistent, you have a garage door that brings focus to the property.

    Garage door installation in Austin

    The next step is to call for professional service to set up the doors.

    Whether you should garage door match front door, it’s best to invest in durable installation services from the most reliable services in town.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we can help you design the doors that will guard your garage.

    Our team has given installation works for all types of garage doors from all brands and names in the industry.

    You shouldn’t only focus on the aesthetics of the door.

    Focus on keeping the doors long-lasting and giving a safe garage space inside your residence.

    Call us for your installation of new doors in the garage

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we provide various professional services.

    From installation to garage door repair in Austin, we are available in town.

    We have the expertise and good eye in giving you the best recommendations for your first doors.

    All you need to do is call us at any time to book for your installation.

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