How To Replace Garage Door Side Springs

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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Over time, garage door springs are bound for replacement.

    Springs have an average life span of around 10,000 cycles.

    Wear out, and damages are expected when the springs become old.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a torsion spring or a side spring; it’s best to prepare for possible replacement annually.

    Moreover, replacing springs is not a simple task.

    It requires a lot of work and precaution to go well.

    If you need a team of professionals who can perform the replacement efficiently, give our team a call.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer our services to you.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else for a reliable spring replacement service.

    However, if you do the job on your own

    You may be putting yourself in danger without following the proper steps on how to replace garage door side springs.

    Step 1: Buy the correct replacement springs

    First, you need to find out the type and size of side springs in the garage.

    Don’t forget; there is a correct spring type for each total door weight.

    Look at the color indicator that’s usually at the end of the current spring.

    Tell the personnel in the store about the color of the spring as they will know the corresponding size of the given color.

    Step 2: Prepare for the spring replacement

    Prepare the garage for a spring replacement.

    Get the necessary tools that can loosen the old spring.

    Wear the proper protective equipment to provide safety to your body.

    Clear the garage off of items such as your cars and any fragile objects.

    Step 3: Open the garage manually

    Disconnect the door opener from the door panels.

    For a spring replacement, a close garage means that the springs are under high tension.

    DON’T take out the old springs when the garage is closed.

    Lift the door panels manually, attach some clamps, and ensure that the springs are compressed again on the side of the tracks.

    Step 4: Take out the old springs

    Carefully take out the parts from the panels and the tracks.

    Remove the tension cable and safety cable from its containing hook along the panel.

    Trace back the cables towards the spring and remove the length.

    Then, carefully unhook the side springs on both sides.

    Step 5: Install the new springs

    Prepare the new spring you purchased beforehand.

    Attach the large hook to the bracket within the tracks.

    Carefully thread the safety cables between the spring coils.

    Attach the other hook end on the beginning of the cable length that leads towards the pulley.

    Step 6: Adjust the spring tension

    Double-check both springs first to ensure that all safety cables, tension cables, and hardware are intact.

    Carefully lower down the panels along the tracks.

    Test if the tension of the spring is enough for the weight of the door.

    If it’s not, lift the panels again and transfer the track end bracket of the spring to the proper hole along the track.

    Step 7: Close the garage

    Carefully close the garage again to ensure that there is enough tension.

    Reconnect the opener to the topmost panel.

    Tighten any loose hardware and reconnect the opener.

    Open the garage using the remote control device.

    24/7 spring replacement

    If you don’t have the time to attend to a spring replacement, you always have available teams who can help you.

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we provide various services.

    Our business is available 24/7 for flexible schedules.

    Besides knowing how to replace garage door side springs, we also offer our garage door repair in Austin for damages.

    Give us a call for a spring replacement service

    If you need help replacing the side springs in the garage, give our team a call.

    Spring replacement often requires more than one person to complete safely.

    With Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, you have the option to book for service to keep yourself safe.

    Our team has experience in replacing side springs inside the garage.

    We work efficiently and perform an inspection first to guarantee that the replacement is in the correct size.

    Then, with our garage door installation in Austin for parts, we will install the new springs inside your garage.

    Book a job with our team!

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