How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Garage door systems have two ways of operation.

    First, the automatic method allows you to use the remote control device to open the garage.

    As you press down a remote control or the wall switch, the garage opens.

    You can open the garage while waiting inside your vehicle and watching the panels travel upwards.

    This is the most typical way of operating the door panels along the tracks.

    However, there are urgent times where you need to access the garage manually.

    Experiencing garage lockouts without any help can be very stressful, especially if it’s raining.

    May it be from the lack of remote control devices or a power outage, don’t worry.

    You can still open the garage without power and automatic devices.

    Here’s how to open the garage door manually from outside:

    Method 1: Emergency release kit along the panels

    The first step is called the emergency release kit.

    Many garages have this option; however, others may not have this option available since it’s an additional installation.

    If you have an emergency release kit, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Locate the kit

    The emergency release kit will be along one of the panels or door slats.

    The kit leads directly to the release cord so you can disengage the motor from the opener.

    Find a lock in the panels, which usually has the key already.

    Step 2: Unlock the lock tumbler

    Unlock the tumbler by turning the key around.

    This allows you to remove the lock tumbler from its placement as well.

    Don’t forget to keep the lock as you remove it from the panel.

    Step 3: Pull the cord along the hole

    With the opening in place, you can now pull the emergency release cord.

    Pull the emergency release cord properly.

    Ensure that you don’t break the cord as it disengages the opener motor.

    Step 4: Open the garage manually

    You can now open the garage manually.

    Carefully lift the door panels along the tracks.

    Push the panels upward towards the overhead tracks.

    Step 5: Return the emergency release kit

    Don’t lose the emergency release kit!

    If you are going to close the garage already, return the kit to its proper place.

    The next time you need to open the garage again manually from outside, at least you have an option.

    Method 2: Emergency release cord inside

    For the unlucky few who don’t have the emergency release, you need to be more creative.

    Note these steps to help you access the garage manually.

    Here’s how to open the garage door manually from outside without a kit:

    Step 1: Find an item you can form into a hook

    Look for an item outside that you can use as a hook.

    The longer the item is, the better chances it will be for you.

    Form a strong hook at the end of the item.

    Step 2: Find a loose slat or opening in the door panels

    If you have glass window panels in the door, remove them carefully.

    If you don’t, find an opening in the panels; there may be smaller spaces or partitions that you can use to access.

    This will allow you to disengage the motor.

    Step 3: Hook the end of the item to the emergency release cord

    Carefully trail the item towards the door opener.

    Try to attach the hook to the emergency release cord.

    Be careful as you try to pry the cord from the motor.

    Step 4: Disengage the motor

    Keep pulling the cord until you can disengage the motor.

    When the motor disengages from the opener, you can lift the doors manually.

    Don’t give up, and keep persevering until you can disconnect the motor properly.

    Step 5: Return the emergency release cord after

    Open the garage manually and check the motor.

    Return the emergency release cord in its place.

    Return the glass windows or any open partitions along the panels when you close the garage again.

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