How To Install Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

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    There are various types of openers in the garage.

    The type of opener you choose should depend on the garage space and the type of doors guarding the garage.

    Not all garages are the same.

    Space becomes a significant factor for setting up the door openers in your garage.

    If you’re looking for a space-saving opener, the wall mount opener is the best option for your garage.

    If you’re looking for ways on how to install wall mount garage door opener, there are some steps you can take.

    Prepare yourself for the task and choose the best door opener brand that you want inside your garage.

    Wall mount openers only work with torsion spring mechanisms inside the garage.

    If you use tension springs, you may want to use chain-drive or belt-drive openers in the garage.

    Here are some steps for a wall mount opener installation:

    Step 1: Purchase the wall mount opener

    The first step is to select the best opener in your garage.

    There are plenty of models and brands in the market.

    If you can, choose an opener that’s wireless to enjoy the opener’s seamless and convenient operation.

    Wiring damage is a common concern in the garage.

    If you have a smaller garage, having wireless devices saves the potential constraints from the layout.

    Step 2: Clear the garage sidewall

    The next step is to prepare the garage for the installation of the opener.

    Clear the sidewall beside the tracks to accommodate the opener.

    If you can, clean the wall and the space, so you have a better garage afterward.

    Check for any cracks and cracks in the wall to ensure that the wall mount is on a flat surface.

    If you can, power off the main switch and close the garage first to prevent any accidental functions when you install the opener.

    Step 3: Set up the wall mount opener in the garage

    Take out all the parts of the item package of the opener.

    You should get all the parts, hardware, and instructions manual for installation.

    Attach the brackets of the wall mount opener on the wall; you may need to use a power drill to drill in the brackets for a safer hold.

    Mount the opener to the wall near the torsion bar and enforce the brackets through the walls.

    Don’t forget to install the emergency release cord to the opener as well.

    Step 4: Adjust the spring force accordingly

    Next, you need to adjust the spring according to the opener.

    Unwind the winding cone carefully along the torsion rod.

    Perform the adjustment to ensure enough force moving the door panels for the opener to operate.

    As the springs and the torsion springs work together with the opener, they should be both in good working condition before installing a wall mount opener.

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    Step 5: Test the wall mount opener

    After securing everything, you can now check the opener for any problems and its operation.

    It’s time to test the wall mount opener.

    Put in some batteries in the corresponding remote control device of the opener.

    Test all the buttons and make sure that door panels move according to the controls.

    It’s best to also check for potential interference that can hinder your opener from working properly.

    Step 6: Change the settings as necessary

    Ensure that all power sources in the garage are working well.

    All door openers have settings and buttons in the opener device.

    Adjust the travel limit as you see fit for the door panels.

    Change the force adjustment as necessary.

    Keep retesting and checking the opener and the door panel movements by using the remote control.

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    We know how to install wall mount garage door opener efficiently and safely.

    Let’s work together for a safer and more space-efficient garage.

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