How To Close In A Garage Door Opening

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    Many homeowners think about transforming the garage space into something else.

    As these home conversion projects are typical, one of the best things to make all spaces in the house useful.

    If you don’t use the garage to guard the car or as an additional storage space, it practically becomes an empty area inside the house.

    Wasting such space can be a mistake on your part, and you’ll lose sight of the condition of the garage.

    Please don’t leave the garage unused for a long time as it may become home to other things like pests and dirt.

    Consider transforming the garage space into another bedroom or a functional area for your family and friends.

    More than containing vehicles, there are other ways to spice up garage space.

    The first thing you need to do is know how to close in a garage door opening.

    If you convert the garage into an enclosed area, the best thing to do is set up a wall to guard the garage opening.

    Here are some steps you can take to transform the door frame into a walled side inside the garage.

    Step 1: Plan the garage door removal

    The first step is to plan the removal of the panels from the tracks.

    Remove the panels, then follow the other parts of the mechanism slowly.

    It’s best to take your time doing this or getting additional help for the removal.

    Step 2: Clear the garage space

    Clear the garage space from items that can potentially cause concern.

    Park your car somewhere else or on the driveway.

    An empty garage space means less destruction to things in case of emergency.

    Step 3: Remove the trims, flashing, and the weatherstrip

    Take care of the frame first.

    Remove the trimmings, flashing, and weatherstripping that is around the frame.

    These items function to lessen gaps between the frame and the door.

    Step 4: Disconnect the door opener from the top-most panel

    Locate the emergency release cord inside the garage.

    Pull the cord so you can open and close the door frame manually without accidental operations from the opener.

    Remove the opener bracket from the top-most panel.

    Step 5: Disengage the springs and the cables from the panels

    For tension springs, lift the doors manually and secure them with a clamp before removing the hooks that connect that attach the springs.

    For torsion springs, close the garage door to lessen the force, unwind the winding cone slowly until all tension is gone.

    Remove the cables only when the springs are disengaged.

    Step 6: Unhinge the door panels from one another

    Now, you can work with unhinging the door panels from one another using a screwdriver or a wrench.

    As no force holds the door to the mechanism, it can fall or crash down the track at any time, so be careful.

    You can opt to carefully drag down the panels by slowly moving the clamps one step at a time for open door frames.

    Step 7: Take out the rollers individually

    As you unhinge one panel at a time, remove the rollers from the tracks.

    Do this for both sides of the track if you have a large door frame.

    To keep your safety, keep relocating the clamps after each higher panel you remove.

    Step 8: Plan for the wall addition on the empty frame

    Once all the panels are out of the tracks, you can now plan for a wall addition.

    While this is an entirely different matter than removing the door panels, it’s part of how to close in a garage door opening.

    Plan for your wall addition next.

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    Door panels are very heavy, and the mechanism of the entire system relies on high tension or torque force to support the weight.

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    Removing a garage door requires a lot of teamwork and effort to pull off efficiently.

    Luckily, there’s more than one of us who can help you with the job.

    Don’t risk your safety and call us if you can’t remove the parts by yourself.

    We also offer our garage door repair in Austin and garage door installation in Austin in case you want to keep your doors.

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