Heavy Duty Roll-up Commercial Garage Doors Repair

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    Commercial establishments need heavy duty doors to lessen compromises in the protection.

    Spaces like warehouses, large garages, and storage areas all have huge entrance frames and are more open to entry during operation.

    If the roll up doors of your business is not functional, it may cost days’ worth of business activities and productivity.

    Heavy duty doors still require maintenance and repairs regularly.

    Just because these doors are heavy duty doesn’t mean that business owners can afford not to perform necessary routines.

    If you have a commercial establishment guarded by heavy duty roll ups, you need to book immediate repairs to keep the functions of the door.

    Luckily, many businesses can help you with the matter.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer our services to businesses in the location.

    Our team has experience in handling all types of garage doors in residential and commercial settings.

    Book us for your heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors repair and regular maintenance routine.

    Common issues and damages to commercial roll ups

    Here are some of the most common damages and problems you may encounter with commercial roll ups.

    If you encounter or experience any of these, book for a repair service urgently.

    Don’t risk posing worse conditions to the commercial roll ups.

    Misaligned tracks

    Commercial roll ups have tracks that help guide the sheets in rolling around the barrel.

    Any misalignment issues in the tracks can lead the sheets to roll in a shifted position.

    Moreover, damage in tracks may end up damaging the sides of the roll up sheets as well.

    Damaged counterbalance system

    The counterbalance system contains the torsion springs to provide the force that counterweights the heavy roll up sheets.

    Commercial roll up sheets are mostly made with steel and thick metal, plus these sheets may also have insulation as well.

    Heavy doors need support from functioning springs, but the springs may wear out from constantly supporting the roll up sheets over time.

    Dented roll up sheets

    Dents are typical in the roll up sheets or individual door slats.

    However, you shouldn’t leave these damages for too long as any dent can become a weak point in the door.

    Weakened slats may end up allowance for easier crowbar prying from unwanted individuals.

    Broken barrel

    The barrel assembly is a thick and long rod that stays on top of the frame.

    The function of the rod is to contain the rolling door sheets around when somebody opens the commercial establishment.

    Common problems with the barrel include misalignment issues and broken barrels.

    Control system issues

    Malfunctioning remote control devices can be very annoying.

    Nevertheless, you need to inspect these devices further as there may be severe damages preventing the remotes from working well.

    Power issues, interference, and worn-out devices lead to some hassle with theutomatic control function.

    Professional repair services for commercial places in town

    For all your repair needs in town, it’s best to call professionals to deal with commercial roll ups.

    You need a team who can provide expertise and experience in fixing commercial roll ups.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else for professional technicians who can handle the damages.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we provide services for businesses and commercial roll up doors.

    We offer our heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors repair to all businesses in Austin.

    As we offer our services to fellow business owners and commercial spaces, let’s all work together to keep businesses well-protected.

    Give us a call for any damage and problem with your commercial roll up

    Looking for a team or another business to entrust your doors to can be a challenge in Austin.

    After all, you may consider working with this team for a long time for all your commercial door needs.

    While you constantly look for reliable technicians, why not call us?

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we offer more than just garage door repair in Austin.

    We also provide our garage door installation in Austin for all businesses who want to set up newer doors to protect their place of trade.

    Keep your space well protected and safe with a team that is available 24/7.

    Call us at any time for questions and inquiries!

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