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    All door openers share the same function: open and close the garage entrance.

    However, there are various brands and models available for purchase.

    There’s no shortage of choices for you to choose from when you book a garage door installation in Austin for parts.

    Genie offers a wide range of models and parts for garage door openers.

    If you want to add a brand to your choices that cover all items related to openers, Genie covers all parts you’ll need.

    This results in the popularity and preference of garage owners for Genie openers.

    In case of damages, you’ll need to repair the Genie opener inside the garage.

    You don’t need to feel anxious about getting reliable service.

    Our team here in Austin offers Genie garage door opener repairs, and you can call us at any time.

    There isn’t any reason to prolong booking for a repair.

    We offer affordable garage door repair in Austin that covers all types of openers from all brands.

    Common issues of openers

    Anything can happen inside the garage.

    Openers are no exemption from constant use and wear out.

    If you’re not familiar with the most common damages and issues of openers, always note these common issues you may encounter:

    Door panels don’t move

    The purpose of the door opener is so that you can open or close the garage automatically.

    However, the most common issue you’ll encounter is when the doors don’t move.

    There are many ways to tackle problems with the door panels.

    One way is to inspect the door opener as it is the direct connection to the automated function of the door panels.

    If there are problems with the opener, causing the garage door not to open or close, it’s best to book for an inspection and repair.

    Remote control system issues

    The next common problem is the function of the remote control.

    There are many ways to operate the opener.

    You can use a remote control handheld, a wall switch, or an installed keypad.

    If there are issues with the control system, these devices may affect the opener.

    There may be circuit board issues within the opener that prevents the controls from commanding the opener.

    Damaged wiring

    Wires are fragile and become prone to overheating over time.

    When the door opener is fully functional all day, there is a constant flow of electricity for the opener.

    Always check the garage for faulty wiring.

    Wires connecting to the opener may be the ones causing the damage.

    If the situation worsens, the wires and opener can produce smoke and explode.

    Power problems

    The opener needs electricity to work.

    If there are problems with the power source, it affects the opener.

    Fluctuating power sources, coupled with fragile wires, affect the door opener.

    It’s best to check your residential power systems first and then the garage next.

    If there are signs of damage in the Genie opener, like malfunctions and damaged parts, book us for Genie garage door opener repairs.

    Weather effect to the opener

    A lot of things in life are uncontrollable.

    The weather is one example of that factor.

    Colder seasons can result in an opener that doesn’t work well, hence a garage that you can’t open or close efficiently.

    You can tune up the opener for the colder conditions.

    On top of the opener, it’s best to schedule an inspection to check the condition of the entire mechanism.

    Repairing Genie openers

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin has experience in repairing Genie openers.

    As one of the most common brands we work with, we already have the expertise to deal with openers.

    We can inspect and repair your Genie openers at any time.

    Give our team a call for your opener issues and concerns

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer our repair work for Genie openers.

    We don’t only repair Genie openers; we can work on any opener brand in the market.

    If you decide to install a brand new Genie opener, we are here to help you set up a brand new opener in your garage.

    We are available at any time of the day for residences and businesses in Austin.

    You can count on us to be with you in case you have concerns about your Genie opener.

    Contact us for questions and inquiries.

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