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    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Perhaps the most common issue a garage owner can face is when the garage door won’t close.

    The primary function of the door panels is to protect the entrance of the garage.

    The entire mechanism works together to keep the doors functional.

    As such, one damage from any connecting part in the system can lead the doors to malfunction.

    While some causes of the issue are simple, others require more experience to address.

    This is where we come in.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and our goal is to provide the best professional services in town.

    Our team offers garage door repair in Austin to help fix the issue that keeps your garage open.

    Moreover, we also provide garage door installation in Austin if garage owners decide it’s better to invest in a new unit.

    Always note that parts age over time like any other appliance and device in the household.

    When the time comes where it needs to have a replacement to prevent further issues from happening, we are here to help you with the matter.

    Before booking your next service with our team, here are some potential reasons why your doors are dysfunctional right now.

    The torsion spring is broken

    Torsion springs serve as the main support of the heavy door panels during travel.

    As the spring does the bulk of the lifting, a broken spring means the door panels will stay on the overhead tracks.

    Don’t attempt to close the garage manually, as you’ll end up with a falling door on the tracks.

    You’ll more likely put yourself in danger; wait for our team to arrive and replace the torsion spring.

    There is something in the track path

    Garage doors have safety features in case there is something in the path of a traveling door.

    The safety mechanism is called an auto-reversal.

    When the sensor detects that an object, a person, or something else is standing in the door’s path, the doors will never travel down.

    All garage door models in the US have this mandated to keep garages extra safe.

    Tracks are misaligned

    Misaligned tracks lead to a lot of rough movement for the rollers.

    When both tracks don’t align or are not parallel with each other, the doors will most likely stay on the overhead.

    Another possibility is that the garage will get stuck halfway, which is more dangerous for you.

    Call for an adjustment service to provide a clear and straight pathway for the traversing door panels.

    Sensors are faulty or dirty

    Sensors function as the eyes of the opener, alarming the opener not to let the door panels down when something is in the way.

    However, at many times, sensors can play tricks and signal for obstruction when there is none.

    Check for the individual sensors for dirt and moisture buildup in the photo eyes.

    Keep the line of sight clear for proper detection, lessening the fake obstructions in the way.

    Opener travel limits are set too high

    The opener has travel limits that control how low or high the door panels can go.

    Often, these settings will shift, causing the doors not to close.

    Sometimes, there will be gaps in between the garage threshold and the lowest panels.

    Inspect the opener and set the proper travel limits to a complete close and open for the doors.

    Remote control devices are not working properly

    When control devices don’t work, you can’t operate the garage automatically.

    Check for the batteries of the remote control and look at the current condition of the wall switch.

    When these lack the right amount of power, the garage door won’t close no matter how many times you press the buttons and switches.

    For this simple concern, buy spare battery stocks for the device and test.

    The opener is disconnected from the motor

    The opener has a motor that connects to the arm pulling up the door panels.

    When the motor is not connected to the arm, the door panels won’t move.

    Disconnection from the opener and the motor happens when you accidentally pull the emergency release cord of the mechanism.

    Reconnect the cord so you can finally move the panels up and down.

    Keep your garage close and set up an appointment with our team for an inspection and tune-up service

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to give you services for your door.

    When the garage door won’t close, it’s best not to panic.

    Contact us immediately, and we will send someone over for an inspection and quotation.

    We are always available.

    Call us at any time!

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