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    Tune up is a part of the garage door maintenance routine.

    Tune up is necessary to improve and maintain the performance of the system.

    Minor adjustments, cleaning the parts, and lubricating the mechanism all prolong the life cycle.

    If you want your doors to last for decades, schedule for tune up service from professional technicians.

    There’s no reason you should keep replacing your current model every few years, and spend excessive amounts on the garage.

    If you can preserve the appearance and curb appeal top-notch and keep the parts functional, you only need to spend small expenses here and there.

    Moreover, you don’t need to get overpriced services for the service.

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we provide our services to garage owners in town.

    Our garage door tune up near you in Austin is the solution to a good door maintenance routine.

    Book your annual service with our team.

    Parts of a tune up service

    In many cases, you may wonder, “what is a tune up service?” 

    A tune up service is a series of steps that includes but doesn’t limit to inspection and refining the parts.

    Here are the parts of a regular tune up service for residential garage owners:


    The inspection of the garage mechanism that contains the doors entails thorough checks of all the parts.

    Whether it’s the stationary parts or the moving parts, it’s necessary to examine these things for damages and potential problems soon.

    The service also includes hardware checks and tightening to make the garage a safer space.

    We know that most homeowners are busy with other priorities and inspections take some time; we are here to perform them for you.


    Lubrication is the process of applying a lubricating product such as grease to moving parts of the mechanism.

    Chains, rollers, and hinges need products to move and cycle flawlessly.

    The lack of proper lubrication can be dangerous as rough movements result in rough operations to other connecting parts.

    Moreover, you can’t just buy a lubricant off the shelf; you need to choose the correct product for your part, which is why we are here to help.


    Over time, some parts will loosen and partially weaken their hold from the mechanism.

    The door tracks, cables, and springs need to return to their original form and position to keep the entire system tight and free from compromises in support.

    We are here to provide adjustments to these aspects of the mechanism.

    We aim to ensure that the entire mechanism of the doors is intact to keep the doors in the right place.

    Safety check

    Safety is paramount in the garage, especially since hefty objects are moving up and down.

    If you want to ensure that the doors are working safely, checking the sensors, door opener, auto reversal mechanism, and the emergency release cords should be routinary.

    You never know, if one of these parts doesn’t work well, there may be accidents inside the garage.

    Tune-ups include modifying and verifying the safety measures inside.

    Garage check

    The most minor, or maybe the least expected step, is the garage check.

    You can’t check the garage door mechanism without checking if the garage itself is safe and well-intended for the doors.

    Simple cleaning, organization, and checks inside the garage can lessen any potential danger.

    Don’t forget, there are other parts in the household like power and smart integrated systems that work with the doors to the garage.

    Trust only experts for your regular tune up services

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, your trusted professionals in the world of garage doors.

    Our team of professional technicians is available to offer a garage door tune up near you in Austin.

    You can’t risk having a loose system inside the garage as heavy objects and high-tension parts are around.

    The less you inspect the garage, the more minor damages and problems turn into something more severe.

    We offer our tune ups to help you get the long-lasting doors you’ve always wanted.

    Moreover, we also offer our garage door repair in Austin in case any part needs repair.

    If you decide that it’s finally time to upgrade, our garage door installation in Austin is available.

    Give our team a call.

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