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    If you frequent some websites and platforms about services for garage doors, you’ve probably read about tune-up services.

    A garage door tune-up in Austin is one of the essential services for the garage.

    Part of keeping a garage safe and keeping a fully functional mechanism is tune-up service.

    A tune-up service is a maintenance service to check the condition of the door parts and the system.

    Many things in residential settings need constant maintenance to ensure a high level of safety.

    From home appliances to power systems, it’s necessary to keep things in check.

    It’s no different for a garage door since door parts tend to wear out and affect functionality over time.

    Set aside one or two dates every year to perform a tune-up for the garage.

    For the best-case scenario, call Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for professional and efficient tune-up service.

    We provide all the necessary steps to keep your doors up and running quietly and smoothly.

    Nobody likes a dysfunctional and noisy door system that affects a comfortable garage experience.

    Complete inspection of door hardware

    There are hundreds of pieces of hardware in the mechanism of the garage door.

    From screws, nuts, bolts, and handles, it’s necessary to keep these items complete.

    As hardware essentially connects and supports parts of the system, you can’t afford to have one loose hinge.

    Hardware loosens up over time and can turn into the leading cause of fragile parts that lack support.

    Part of the tune-up is inspection and maintenance of these pieces.

    We will tighten and lubricate all the necessary hardware in the mechanism.

    Adjustment of springs, chains, and tracks

    Over time, springs, chains, and tracks may shift in position.

    As heavy panels travel up and down the garage entrance, you can’t prevent the movement of tracks resulting in off-track instances.

    Chains can loosen gradually due to the wearing out of individual links that constantly carry the door panels.

    Springs can slacken due to the stress of supporting heavy panels, preventing the spring from molding back in shape.

    The reason adjustment is necessary is to keep all parts more intact and connected.

    We offer our tune-up services, and part of the service is adjustment work.

    Check-up of weatherstrip

    The weatherstrip is one of the minor parts of the system.

    However, it has a role that keeps the garage safe.

    When seasons change and affect the condition of the garage inside, weatherstrips protect the garage.

    It’s normal for rainwater, snow, or pests to get inside the garage.

    We assure you that no weather elements can ruin and corrode the door parts by checking and replacing the weatherstrip.

    Say goodbye to insects that may take home inside as well.

    Lubricate springs, chain, and tracks

    Grease is vital in keeping parts movable.

    However, lubrication tends to wear out over time.

    When you’re left with rough parts, it affects the movement of the door panels.

    Our tune-up services cover the lubrication of springs, chains, and tracks.

    Choosing the right lubricant that won’t damage the parts can become a tricky business.

    Don’t worry and call us for support and tune-up.

    Calibration of the remote control device and wall switch

    Remote controls and wall switches may be one of the minor concerns inside the garage.

    After all, what can go wrong with a remote control device that only commands the operation of the doors?

    Newsflash! Many interferences inside your property may prevent you from controlling the garage.

    You don’t need to suffer from the hassle of door panels that don’t go up unless you go out of your car to open the garage.

    Controls should provide seamless operation with the opener and eventually, the entire system.

    Tune-ups cover for calibration and reprogramming of these parts.

    Test check for door panel safety

    Safety should be the top-most priority inside the garage.

    As such, we are here to perform tune-ups in the safety mechanisms as well.

    We can perform a balance test for the door panels to guarantee stability in heavy slabs hanging in the tracks.

    Our technicians can double-check the emergency release cord and kit so you can access the garage without automatic devices.

    Our team can strengthen the auto-reversal system via sensor check.

    Our goal after every tune-up is to give garage owners a well-functioning and safe garage.

    Arrange a tune-up appointment with a reliable team in Austin

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to offer you regular maintenance services.

    Schedule our team for a garage door tune-up in Austin.

    Let’s work together to keep your garage safe and operational all the time.

    We also offer garage door repair in Austin and garage door installation in Austin.

    Arrange an appointment with our team.

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