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    Getting the best fit tracks inside the garage is crucial to the safety of your family.

    The tracks are responsible for guiding and containing the door panels.

    Consider the door tracks as the skeleton of the entire mechanism where many parts are contained within.

    Any weak parts in the tracks can lead to a falling door or a broken roller.

    The size of the door tracks depends on the size of the garage.

    If you don’t analyze the garage space well, you may install tracks that can cause many problems to the structural integrity.

    Before planning for a garage door track extension, give us a call.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we provide expertise on any part of the door mechanism.

    Our team has given installations in all kinds of garages.

    We know what to look out for in a detached garage in residential settings, and we know the most compatible tracks for commercial spaces.

    Factors to consider for a track extension

    There are physical aspects of the garage that you need to consider for a garage door track extension.

    These parts are crucial, and if you don’t want to waste money buying extension kits and apparel for the mechanism, measure these parts well.


    Headroom is the space between the end of the door frame and the ceiling.

    There are different types of garages, which means the measurement differs per garage.

    A spacious headroom means there is enough area for the curved tracks that lead to the overhead.

    Side room

    Next is the side room measurement of the garage.

    The headroom refers to the vertical space above the door opening; the side room refers to the side space on the wall.

    Side rooms are vital for containing the vertical tracks as near as possible to the garage entry.

    Door frame

    The door frame is the garage opening.

    The garage door covers the door frame, and when you decide to get a garage door installation in Austin, the size of the doors depends on the door frame.

    There are many things to take into consideration apart from the measurement of the door frame.

    Backroom clearance

    Backroom clearance is the horizontal space perpendicular to the headroom.

    If the door frame measures the height and the length of the entry, the backroom is the width.

    Bigger backroom clearance means you can still have space to extend the tracks.

    Track extension for garages

    If you’re looking for a track extension service, then book a job with our team.

    We offer various track extensions to increase the guides and contain tracks of the door panels.

    Our garage door installation in Austin covers the extension of door tracks and parts.

    There are three ways to extend the tracks:

    Vertical track extension

    When the garage is closed, the panels rest on the vertical tracks.

    If you have a high headroom space, you can opt to extend the vertical tracks of the panels.

    Vertical track extensions are more common in high-lift garages, and the door traverses nearer to the ceiling space.

    Overhead track extension

    The door panels rest on the overhead tracks when the garage is open.

    Extending the overhead tracks means there is more space for the door panels on top of the garage.

    It’s a practical use of backroom clearance for garages.

    Radius track extension

    There is a part in the track that curves going towards the overhead tracks.

    Depending on the type of doors you installed, a bigger curve radius allows smoother travel for the door panels.

    Changing radius tracks is beneficial for smaller garages with enough headroom and backroom for a moving door.

    Schedule a track extension with our team now!

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to provide professional services for everybody in town.

    Our team offers a garage door track extension service to homes and businesses in Austin to give allowance for a moving door.

    Next, you can use the space of the garage properly to contain the door panels.

    If you want to improve the movement and travel time of the door panels, consider a track extension.

    We also offer our garage door repair in Austin for damaged tracks and issues.

    Call us at any time.

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