Garage Door Torsion Spring Vs. Extension Spring

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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    All garage doors are different and can sport a unique design.

    However, all doors only use one of the two types of springs meant for the mechanism.

    The two types of springs are torsion springs and extension springs.

    Before you install a door to the garage, work with professionals who deal with installations.

    There are many things to consider before deciding which spring type is best for the garage.

    As the springs provide the proper support to the doors, you shouldn’t go wrong in choosing and installing the spring.

    The incorrect spring can lead to compromised doors inside the garage.

    Using the wrong type of spring can lessen the necessary support to lift the garage.

    Before you know it, there are snapping springs and hanging door panels in the tracks.

    Consult with Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for your garage door installation in Austin.

    Not only do we repair parts of the system, but we also provide the installation of parts for any replacement or broken piece.

    Let’s discuss the garage door torsion spring vs. extension spring.

    How are these springs different, and which one is the correct spring for your mechanism?

    Torsion spring

    Torsion springs are elastic coils that produce torque to lift the door panels along a perpendicular axis.

    The typical location of the springs is usually above the door frame of the garage, contained within a rod and an adjustable winding cone.

    The springs counterbalance the weight of the door panels as it uncoils and produces the force that rotates the cable drums.

    One of the critical points about torsion springs is that coiled torsion springs store a lot of force and energy.

    It’s hazardous to tamper with torsion springs that are twisted or torqued up.

    Releasing the force of a torqued-up torsion spring in an uncontained rod or unsafe way can cause death or severe injuries.

    Pros of a torsion spring

    ✔︎ Very durable and can withstand heavy-duty use

    ✔︎ Provides support for heavy doors

    ✔︎ Simple to adjust according to the necessary support of the garage door panels

    Cons of a tension spring

    • More expensive spring-type than the extension springs

    Extension spring

    Extension springs or tension springs are coils that provide support for the panels as well.

    Unlike the torsion springs that rely on rotational axis force to provide the motion that rotates the cable drum, tension springs use tension force.

    Tension force in a spring is the axial force created via stretching and outstretching the coils of the spring.

    There are hooks at each end of the unstretched spring attached to the cable that lifts the door panels.

    As the spring returns to its natural unstretched state, it lifts the door panels along the tracks.

    Tension springs are still dangerous since they can snap at any time when it’s hooked to a load it can’t support.

    Pros of a tension spring

    ✔︎ More affordable than the torsion spring

    ✔︎ Easier to apply and install

    ✔︎ It’s possible to install on ceiling space of the garage or sidewall of the door panels

    Cons of a tension spring

    • It wears out fast and may not return to its original form after a while

    Spring installation service

    For all types of springs, installation service is necessary.

    Put aside your considerations for a Do-It-Yourself first.

    It’s dangerous for you to try installing and testing the spring alone.

    You can book for professional installers who can handle high tension or high torque springs in the mechanism.

    Consider the service as a guarantee of your safety inside the garage.

    As professionals work on your spring, remember that we have more experience handling different scenarios during a spring installation.

    Make an appointment to replace or adjust the springs inside your garage!

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we work with different types of springs for the garage.

    It’s best to inspect the doors first, before installing a garage door torsion spring vs extension spring.

    Our team will take a look at your door model, get the necessary measurements and give recommendations.

    If you’re ready to set up the new spring, you can book a job with us.

    We provide garage door repair in Austin for broken and unadjusted springs as well.

    All you need to do is contact us for your service.

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