Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

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    When the garage opens efficiently, everything works well, and there are no problems with the mechanism.

    However, when the doors fail to lift and allow you to drive your vehicle outside, you may start thinking of the other supporting parts in the garage.

    In this case, the first thing you can check when the doors don’t lift is the spring inside the garage.

    As it does lifting heavy panels, broken springs essentially mean you can’t open the garage until there’s a replacement.

    There are two types of springs for garage use: the tension spring and the torsion spring.

    Torsion springs are one type of spring that is present in most garage door models.

    The torsion spring differs from the tension spring as it uses stored torque force to lift the panels.

    When the time comes where the torsion springs break, it’s necessary to book for a garage door torsion spring repair.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are available to give repair services around town.

    Before booking for a repair service, it may help to know some of the leading causes of a broken spring.

    Causes of a broken torsion spring

    You can still prolong the durability of the spring by proper maintenance and tune-up.

    Note these common causes of a broken torsion spring.

    Corroded springs

    Corrosion and rust build-up affects the material of the spring.

    As the metal springs break down, so does the structure of the spring.

    Check for any rust and discolorations, so you can plan out when to get a replacement unit.

    The sooner you see some signs of corrosion, the faster you can book a repair service.

    Wrong spring size

    Springs should follow proper sizes.

    Wrong spring size often means a lack of support to the weight of the door panels.

    Eventually, the spring will wear out trying to lift heavy material that it can’t fully support.

    You may end up with a door that slides down the track too fast.

    Damage to other parts

    Other parts play a role in lifting the door panels along the tracks.

    In particular, cables roll around the cable drum that the springs rotate or move to lift the panels.

    Broken cables can lead to broken springs as the springs try to compensate for the unbalanced weight of the door slabs.

    It’s best to perform a regular inspection to avoid these instances as well.

    Old age

    In time, the torsion spring may not return to its original form.

    The final form of a torsion spring may have some gaps in the coil or corroded parts.

    Old springs may end up squeaking a lot and producing some strange sounds inside the garage.

    When the time comes where you need to replace the torsion spring, book us for a garage door torsion spring repair.

    DIY Repair vs. Professional repair from Lone Star Garage Doors Austin

    Should you DIY a spring repair inside your garage?

    The answer is, we don’t recommend you repair the spring by yourself!

    Springs are often in high tension or high force to keep the garage door in place.

    If you move the damaged springs by yourself, without the help of a professional, it’s prone to snapping.

    Imagine a thick spring snapping and injuring you while standing on top of a ladder inside the garage.

    Don’t risk your safety to replace the spring or repair any damage.

    It’s better to have other people who work in teams and complete tools in keeping springs out of the rod.

    Invest in a new spring and invest in your safety.

    Set a date with our team for professional spring services

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are available here in town to offer our services to all garage owners.

    We can give garage door repair in Austin for broken torsion springs and other damaged parts as well.

    Our team can also install any part replacement if you want to upgrade one part of the mechanism.

    However, if you choose to upgrade the entire model, you’ll need a team of people to carry and move heavy materials around.

    We offer our garage door installation in Austin for all types of garages and commercial garages.

    Book your appointment with us to avail of any service.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for any inquiries and service quotations.

    Trust only the experts in keeping your spring and garage in the best condition.

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