Garage Door Spring Installation

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    The spring of any garage door mechanism is one of the most crucial items in the system.

    The springs inside the garage are part of a counterbalance system that provides a balanced force to lift the doors.

    Without a proper spring, there will be nothing supporting the door panels.

    Due to the spring’s counterforce, garage owners can lift the doors from the bottom and slide them easily over the top head manually.

    Remember, the panels are hefty in material, weighing up to 200 pounds or more.

    Using only cables and rollers may cause gradual compromise to the support of the door slabs.

    Any damage or issue with the spring also leads to problems with the door.

    If you suddenly can’t open the garage, or if you experience a hanging door in place, it’s best to book for a garage door spring installation.

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we can replace and adjust the springs in your mechanism.

    We can install all types of springs to any garage door.

    Types of springs

    Knowing the type of spring inside your garage helps in making things more efficient.

    You can’t just buy another spring for installation as springs follow measurements and specifications.

    Give our team a call to measure and verify the type of spring inside your garage.

    Once we get the information about the spring, we can select and install these items in your mechanism.

    Torsion spring

    Torsion springs produce a torque force that’s enough to lift the heavy weights in the track.

    Torque is the rotation force along the axis of an object.

    As the torsion springs rotate, it produces the force that forces the door panels to lift along the tracks while the rollers slide the panels.

    Bigger torsion springs are required for bigger garages.

    Pro: Torsion rods contain the torsion springs, making these items that store high amounts of force safer in case of snapping and damage.

    Con: Tension springs cost more than tension springs.

    Tension spring

    Another type of spring is the tension spring.

    This time, tension springs use tension force to provide stored force to lift the heavy panels.

    When the springs are uncoiled and stretched, the force inside the coils supports the position of the door.

    As the door lifts higher on the tracks, the springs become less tense and coil back to their original shape.

    Pro: Tension springs are more affordable and fit smaller garages better.

    Con: Over time, the shape of the coils will not go back to a fully coiled or compressed spring as the spring loses shape over time due to frequent stretching.

    Garage door installation in Austin

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin provides installation of springs inside the garage.

    We work for all types of springs to any kind of garage door.

    Wherever you are in Austin, we are free to give you the necessary repair, adjustment, or replacement of springs.

    Call us in case your spring break or the door panels are hanging in a compromising situation.

    NEVER attempt to take a spring out on your own.

    As these items store high energy and force, if you accidentally uninstall or move damaged springs, you may end up hurting yourself.

    Avoid potential emergencies by having professionals disassemble and take out the broken spring.

    We are prepared with the proper protective equipment and tools to remove a broken spring safely.

    Afterward, we can provide the garage door spring installation in your garage.

    Pick a date and set an appointment for the spring repair or replacement in your garage!

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are ready to help you attend to your springs.

    If you have an unadjusted spring, we can perform a garage door repair in Austin that focuses on the springs.

    If your springs need a replacement, we can assess and contact our team to procure the springs for your mechanism.

    Our priority is to give you a safer garage by installing springs that are in complete working condition.

    Our services are affordable, and we can give you a quotation beforehand to ensure that we get only the best spring and most durable installations for your garage.

    Give our team a call and set an appointment with us.

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