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    In the age where automation is the way to a more convenient life, it’s not a surprise to find innovations in the market.

    The same concept applies to the business of garage doors.

    Many manufacturers and companies research and design parts and devices that enhance the garage as a whole.

    Garage door openers are one of the things that make life more efficient.

    Gone are the days where you need to brave the rain, open your vehicle, and struggle as you lift the door panels.

    Only then can you get inside the garage already soaking from the current rainwater that is slowly seeping through your garage floor.

    Openers are not part of the most crucial things in the garage.

    However, openers make things easier for people who value automation and do away with more manual methods at home.

    As such, services like garage door opener installation are available from service companies like us.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer our recommendations and garage door installation services to set up the most compatible opener for your garage.

    Say goodbye to the inconvenience of manual garage access.

    We are here to help you install any type of door opener for the garage.

    Different types of openers

    There are different brands and types of openers in the market.

    You don’t need to stick to one type that doesn’t suit your garage.

    Select the best type of opener that fits your needs and budget.

    Chain-drive opener

    The chain drive opener uses a chain that cycles the carriage until the door panels are on top of the tracks.

    Chain-drive opener is the oldest and most common type of opener in properties.

    Pro: Chain-drive openers are the cheapest, most affordable door openers in the market.

    Con: The chain may make some significant noise and vibration during operation.

    Belt-drive opener

    On the other hand, there’s a belt-drive opener you can choose from.

    A belt is in the carriage to cycle around the trolley carrying the top panels in place of the chain.

    Pro: Belt drives are less noisy than chain drives and provide smoother operation.

    Con: Belt-drive openers cost more than the chain drive.

    Direct-drive opener

    The direct-drive opener utilizes a rotating screw to drive the motor that carries the trolley along the carriage.

    No cycling chain or belt moves the trolley as the opener carries the panels more directly than other types of openers.

    Pro: Direct-drive openers, also known as screw-drive openers, offer more compact and quiet operations in the garage.

    Con: Weather conditions can affect the ability of the screw to rotate well and carry the panels.

    Jackshaft opener or side mount opener

    A jackshaft opener is a door opener installed at the sidewall of the door frame.

    A moving motor drives the pulleys and cables to lift the door panels along the tracks.

    Pro: Side-mount openers work best in providing free overhead garage space.

    Con: The jackshaft opener doesn’t work with all types of door mechanisms as the motor needs torsion tubes in the mechanism.

    Smart opener models

    Lastly, smart door openers are currently rising as homeowners want to have higher accessibility to their home systems.

    With smart openers, you can have any other type of door opener; the catch is you can use mobile devices to control the opener’s operation.

    Pro: Garage operation is accessible in smartphones, tablets, and home systems.

    Con: The opener needs a constant Wi-Fi connection to work.

    Find an available date with our team to set up your opener on the property

    It’s always better to consult with experts first before purchasing the opener for your garage.

    As some openers fit better in selected door types, then you must choose the most compatible model for your garage.

    This may require assessing the ceiling space of the garage, the type of doors currently in place, and the internet connection in your home.

    Don’t worry, as Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is here to offer some garage door opener installation services for you.

    We offer our garage door installation in Austin for any model and brand of opener.

    We also provide the necessary garage door repair service in case you encounter some issues with your opener.

    Find a date and set up your first opener with our team.

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