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    Imagine rushing to work at the beginning of the day.

    Instead of sparing yourself a few minutes to get yourself together, suddenly, that time is not available.

    With a slow-moving door, everything lags.

    You get a terrible start and end up being late for work.

    Fortunately, you don’t need to suffer from inefficient door operations all the time.

    There are many factors at play as to why the garage door is moving slow.

    Take the time to inspect the parts of the mechanism or call professionals to handle the problem.

    Either way, you should not be having issues with a door that doesn’t move accordingly.

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, we can help you hasten things up inside the garage.

    Contact our team and book inspection services for the day.

    We will be with you shortly to check the condition of all the parts inside the mechanism.

    Soon, you won’t experience the problem anymore as you have a fast-moving door that suits your fast-paced workday.

    Nevertheless, here are some common reasons for the slow movement of the doors.

    The entire mechanism lacks a maintenance routine

    A maintenance routine is essential because it keeps track of the current condition of the parts.

    Without proper maintenance, you will never know where the issue might start.

    Any damage or problem with the opener, spring, cable, or another aspect can potentially result in a slow-moving door.

    The catch is, these issues are preventable, and you can address them immediately.

    Never forget to book for annual maintenance and tune-up of the mechanism.

    Simple routines like these cost less than finding out severe damage that eventually resulted in your garage door moving slow.

    No proper lubrication in moving parts

    Moving parts in the system need constant lubrication.

    The best routine is giving the proper lubrication step twice a year on average.

    Springs, rollers, hinges, and chain drives benefit from the regular greasing.

    One sign that the mechanism lacks lubrication is the persistence of squeaking and clinking noise.

    Pay attention to these warning sounds every time you operate the garage.

    When you hear these sounds, call us for lubrication as we know the right products that give the most long-lasting smooth operations inside the garage.

    Torsion spring is broken or has damages

    The torsion spring supports the heavy door panels in the track.

    With severe issues and problems, a broken spring can barely lift the door panels.

    The best scenario is the cables compromise and make up for the lack of support.

    However, this instance is dangerous.

    Replace the torsion spring and adjust the cables to prevent the garage door from moving slow.

    Call professionals from our team as this job can be very threatening to your safety.

    Force adjustment knobs are set wrong

    The force adjustment is the “sensitivity” of the door panels.

    The more sensitive the knobs are, the more likely the doors will slow down.

    It’s like the sensor alarms the opener that something is blocking in the way.

    As soon as the door panels touch or come into contact with something, they will slow down and immediately traverse upward again.

    In line with the auto reversal feature of any door model, you can set the force adjustments.

    Turn it to less sensitive so the door panels can move up and down more freely and faster along the tracks.

    The door is old

    Time takes a toll on garage doors, and the moment is affected by this reality.

    Slow-moving doors also result from age and date of installation.

    As the parts wear out and decline in condition, so does the function of the door panels.

    Don’t expect decades-old doors to move as efficiently as the newer innovations.

    If you decide to replace the doors, give our team a call.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to give proper garage door installation in Austin.

    Make an appointment with us to fix the slow-moving door inside the garage

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to give you services to fix the movement and speed of the door panels.

    We know that slow-moving doors can be very exhilarating to experience.

    As such, we can fix and give the proper maintenance and tune-up procedures to keep things up on the track.

    We also provide garage door repair in Austin to fix any problem that slows down the door.

    We are always available at any time.

    Give our team a call!

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