Garage Door Makes Banging Noise When Opening

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    The best door mechanisms create minimal noise inside the garage.

    As a garage owner, it’s your responsibility to have silent door operations, especially if you have nearby neighbors on the next property.

    If there are strange noises inside the garage, it’s best to check immediately.

    Strange noises are most likely a warning sign for any garage owner.

    Be careful as you inspect the mechanism and call for professional services when necessary.

    The doors in the garage can be on the verge of severe damage.

    It’s best to avoid injuries and accidents when these things happen to you.

    Avoid the garage if there is a clear sign of impending danger inside and call for help!

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here for emergency repairs in town.

    If you ever experience when a garage door makes banging noise when opening, then give us a call.

    We will be with you shortly to attend to the concern.

    Causes of a banging noise

    The causes of banging noises can stem from anywhere.

    Nevertheless, it’s best to book for a garage door repair in Austin when banging sounds start to manifest.

    As you inspect the garage, look out for these causes:

    Damaged garage springs

    The springs support the weight of the door panels in the tracks.

    If there are damages to the springs, it may lessen the support for the door panels, leading to noisy banging sounds.

    The door panels are dragging along the tracks without equal counterbalance support from the springs.

    For spring concerns, you need to book for a replacement or spring repair.

    Never disregard the broken springs, or you’ll end up with something worse than banging sounds: falling door panels.

    Misaligned or damaged tracks

    The tracks are the next culprit of the banging sounds.

    When the tracks are too far away from their original position, unparallel with the other track, the rollers may end up shifting around as it rolls.

    Once the rollers shift within the track paths, it will create noise.

    The banging sound you’ll hear may come from rollers banging the sides of the tracks instead of being fit and snug into place.

    You’ll need a track alignment service for this cause.

    Track obstruction

    While the tracks are correctly aligned, there’s another cause as to why the banging sounds occur.

    There is something lodged between the track paths.

    The blocking object or dirt build-up causes the banging sound as rollers run over and bump the obstruction.

    Inspect the tracks often to avoid this concern.

    Track obstruction can lead to roller damage, and before you know it, you’ll have door panels that derail from the tracks.

    Lack of regular tune-up service

    It would be best if you made it mandatory to book a regular tune-up schedule for the garage.

    Without a proper inspection, tune-up, or upkeep, the parts and mechanism loosen over time.

    Parts and pieces start to move around its place, creating loud noises.

    Tighten the hardware and lubricate the motor chains to create more silent door operations.

    Avoid constant concern when the garage door makes banging noise when opening by booking for regular maintenance.

    What you can do with the noise

    What can you do in case of emergencies?

    The best thing you can do is call for reliable contact numbers in the business immediately.

    Luckily, we offer our urgent repairs for everybody in town.

    Whether you are a business or a residential garage, we are within reach at any time.

    You can count on us for immediate service calls wherever you are in Austin.

    Your safety is our priority as we inspect and find the best solutions for your mechanism.

    Set an appointment with our team or give us a call immediately

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to give you solutions to a noisy garage.

    Noisy banging sounds result in more than just annoyance and a hassle in the garage.

    You may be operating a garage that’s unsafe and not intact overall.

    Give us a call for our services before any danger and injury happen to you, your family, or your pets.

    Besides the repair services, we also offer garage door installation in Austin for parts and replacements.

    When you need brand new units and items in your garage immediately, we can do it for you.

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