How To Open A Garage Door Without Power From The Outside

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    Power outages can happen at any time.

    Residential areas experience these scenarios from time to time, much to the dismay of many homeowners.

    Whether scheduled interruptions cut off your power supply or there is an ongoing power crisis, you need a backup for your garage.

    The automated features of the garage use electricity to work.

    What happens when you need to take out the car for a ride to work, or you’re stuck outside trying to access your property?

    When the power is out, so is the garage.

    Unless you know how to open a garage door without power from the outside, you can’t access the garage.

    Despite the default of most residential properties to use power for almost all devices at home, you still have a manual option.

    You can open the garage manually without relying on power to operate the opener.

    Emergency release kit

    The emergency release kit is the primary way for you to open the garage without power.

    This step works specifically when you’re outside the garage without access to inside your residence.

    An emergency release kit is an additional installation to the mechanism.

    Unless you opted to add this option during the installation service for your doors, you might not have this available.

    However, if you do, it doesn’t take long to access your garage manually.

    Follow these steps for the option of how to open a garage door without power from the outside.

    Step 1: Find a lock in front of the door panel

    Assuming you can’t access the garage from inside, start by inspecting the front of the panels.

    The garage emergency release kit may be in one of the top panels of the door slabs.

    Find a lock along one of the panels which connect to the inside of the garage.

    Step 2: Unlock the lock tumbler along the panel

    Once you find the lock along one of the panels, unlock the panel using a key.

    The key is part of the emergency release kit; you may have ended up hiding it or leaving it somewhere accessible in the driveway.

    Unlock the lock tumbler and remove it from its hole along the panel.

    Step 3: Disengage the door opener from the garage door

    There should be a cord that connects to the emergency release cord.

    Pull the cord gently as it disengages the emergency release cord.

    The emergency release cord that’s usually on the opener disconnects from the panels.

    Step 4: Lift the doors manually along the track

    Without the panels connecting to the door opener, you can access the garage manually.

    Carefully lift the doors along the tracks.

    You may need help in lifting much heavier door slabs along the tracks.

    Step 5: Return the kit to its original place

    Don’t forget to return the lock tumbler and the key in their original position.

    The next time there is another power outage, you can access the garage manually.

    Make the emergency release cord accessible in case you need to open the garage in a manual operation.

    Garage door installation in Austin for an emergency release kit

    If you want to install an emergency release kit, there’s no better time than now to do the job.

    Emergency release kits are relatively common in retail outlets and hardware shops.

    These kits are also available for purchase from services like us, Lone Star Garage Doors Austin.

    We can help you make things more accessible inside the garage in case of urgent events.

    Emergency release cords are standard to all; however, the kits are more optional.

    Modern models of garage doors may include this option, but if you don’t have it, we’re here for you.

    Set a date with our team to help you access your garage manually

    We know how panic-inducing it can be to have your power out.

    A lot of things inside your residence will stop working.

    Fortunately, there’s a way to keep the function of the garage doors.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer professional services.

    Our garage door installation in Austin includes setting up emergency release kits.

    Our team also offers garage door repair in Austin if you need to fix some damage in your system, which leads you to access the garage manually all the time.

    Let’s work together to keep the garage functional even without electricity.

    Give our team a call at any time!

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