How To Install Craftsman Garage Door Opener

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    You will never run out of brands and models of openers to choose from.

    There are various innovations and technologies for openers to integrate the garage into the household better.

    If it’s your first time to select, take the time to deliberate as there are plenty of choices that can overwhelm you.

    One of the most common brands is Craftsman.

    Craftsman is a brand that offers a lot of things in the market, and the brand sells machinery, tools, and items for construction.

    If you’re looking for automotive tools, hand tools, and merchandise, why not consider Craftsman?

    Moreover, if you’re looking for a brand of opener for your garage, Craftsman offers some openers in the product line of garage doors.

    As you purchase your first opener, you may wonder how to install Craftsman Garage Door Opener.

    There are some steps you can follow to guarantee proper installation procedures.

    Step 1: Assess the garage space

    The first is to examine the garage space.

    Measure the backroom clearance of the garage and the headroom.

    There should be enough space for the opener and its supporting parts.

    This is significantly more vital for belt drive and chain drive openers.

    Step 2: Purchase the opener

    Next is to select the opener unit you want in your garage.

    Each type has a pro and a con.

    Plan your budget for the opener as well.

    Craftsman has a belt drive and chain drive openers for selection.

    Step 3: Prepare the garage for the installation

    Prepare the garage for installation.

    Park your vehicle out of the garage and into the driveway.

    Clear the garage floor to give space for the installation work.

    Close the garage along the tracks and set up a ladder in the middle of the garage.

    Step 4: Assemble the rails and trolley

    Take out the product package and inspect all the parts.

    There should be manuals, hardware, opener unit, pieces, and warranty present.

    Get the rails and connect these items properly.

    Fasten the rails and the corresponding pulleys in a long rail length.

    Step 5: Connect the rail and the motor unit

    Take out the motor unit of the opener.

    The motor unit is the most prominent part of the door opener as it is the big device that you see in most garages.

    Connect the rails to the motor unit and fasten them with screws and bolts.

    Ensure that the motor and the rails are tight enough, so they don’t accidentally come apart when you set up the opener in the backroom.

    Step 6: Loop the chain or belt around the trolley

    Check the chain or belt and ensure that there are no damaged links or wedges in length.

    The chain or belt should be snug around the rails as these items cycle around to carry the door panels.

    Dispense the chain or belt around the roller.

    Make sure that all the links and wedges fit within the rails without loose parts.

    Step 7: Secure the entire opener unit

    It’s time to set up the opener on top of the garage.

    Measure the topmost panel distance and add some height for the header bracket of the opener.

    The header bracket should be higher than the curve tracks to support the rails and the motor unit.

    Step on the ladder and install the opener unit at the set distance from the header bracket.

    Step 8: Test the opener

    Secure everything together with the door arm and the rail end, and make sure that there is no missing hardware.

    Once you are confident about the placement of the opener, test the device.

    Get the remote control handheld, and put some batteries on.

    Control the door using the opener.

    Give Lone Star Garage Doors Austin a call to set up the opener

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    Our team has given garage door installation in Austin for opener units from all brands.

    We also know how to install Craftsman Garage Door Opener, and we can help you set up your brand new openers.

    Garage door opener installation requires a lot of work and team effort to position the device properly.

    If you need help, give us a call.

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