How Do Garage Door Sensors Work

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    Door sensors have been standard to all garage door models and brands since 1993.

    Despite being part of all models, sensors are often overlooked inside the garage.

    Nevertheless, it would be best not to underestimate the importance of a working sensor in the mechanism.

    Door sensors are part of a more extensive system in the property that keeps the garage safe.

    Without door sensors, you won’t have any signaling device to the opener that indicates any obstruction in the path.

    One way to risk the safety of the garage is by keeping damaged sensors in the tracks.

    It’s best to maintain and inspect both sensor devices from time to time.

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    Are you curious about how do garage door sensors work?

    Sensor mechanism

    Door sensors come in pairs.

    One device goes to one side of the tracks, while the other goes to the other side.

    Ensure that both devices are parallel to each other so the photo-eye can detect the other unit.

    The photo-eyes of each sensor unit should “see” the other device.

    If the photo eyes don’t detect the other, the door panels automatically stop traveling and reverse.

    This safety mechanism is called an auto-reversal mechanism of garage doors.

    When something is in the pathway of the sensors within the door frame, the door stops operating at once.

    Photo-eye LED colors

    Both sensors will emit LED light in the tracks.

    These are the meaning of the emitted colors of the sensors for most door sensor brands:

    A yellow light coming from the transmitting photo eye should cross the door frame towards the other sensor.

    The green light comes from the receiver’s photo-eye when nothing is blocking the path.

    Other brands may not share the same varying color LEDs to indicate that the sensors work.

    Many brands use only a single color coming from both receiver and transmitter sensors.

    One way to tell which sensor type is present is this: when something is obstructing the path, the receiver sensor doesn’t emit light.

    How to check if safety sensors work

    It’s always in any garage owner’s best interest to know if the sensors work.

    You wouldn’t want to experience any incident where the door panels injure or hit anything blocking the way.

    Here are some ways to check if a sensor works properly:

    Step 1: Apply some pathway block

    Place an item in the middle of the frame; make sure the item is tall enough for the sensors to detect.

    Press down the button for the door opener.

    The door panels should not move at all.

    Step 2: Light should change

    Check for the light coming from both sensors; the receiver sensor should stop emitting its LED light.

    Fully functional receiving sensors stop working when there is something in the path.

    This means there should only be one line of LED light across the tracks blocked by the object.

    Step 3: Check the sensor

    Inspect, readjust and clean the sensors.

    If the doors continue to travel despite the pathway obstruction, double-check the condition of the sensors.

    Try the previous steps again.

    Step 4: Replace the sensors

    It’s best to buy new sensors if the auto reversal doesn’t work.

    It’s time to call for professionals to give expert advice on the best door sensors for the garage.

    Invest in working sensors to keep the garage safer.

    Call Lone Star Garage Doors Austin for consultation and advice

    Here at Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, our goal is to keep a safe garage.

    Whether it’s about installing a new spring or a new sensor, we can’t leave anything to chance regarding home safety.

    We offer our expert consultations and garage door installation in Austin for brand-new sensors.

    We can also teach you how do garage door sensors work so you can handle the sensors in case we are not there.

    If there is damage in the photo eye, we can provide our garage door repair in Austin.

    All you need to do is book a job with our team!

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