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    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

    The rollers attached to each panel of the garage door slide the door in place.

    Expect the garage to fall either halfway open or stop operation in the middle of the tracks with a dysfunctional roller.

    It’s not an uncommon scenario for a garage roller door getting stuck in the tracks during the travel time of the door slabs.

    Moreover, there are many factors for rollers to wear out in condition and not move along the tracks.

    As the rollers and the tracks are the most direct source of the issue, it’s best to check these parts of the mechanism.

    The last thing you want to happen on a workday is for rollers to get stuck while you can’t move the car out of the garage.

    You’ll be forced to close the garage manually as the roller fails to roll down the garage.

    The issue can cause more hassle to your day.

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we offer our professional services to fix and identify the cause of unmoving rollers.

    You don’t need to worry about finding the right team for you in Austin.

    We are here, ready to fix your rollers.

    Reasons a roller gets stuck

    There are many causes and reasons why a garage roller door is getting stuck.

    Look out for these symptoms inside the garage and give our team a call.

    We can discuss solutions to your concern and get back a smooth rolling mechanism after.

    Damaged rollers

    The most obvious sign is a damaged roller is connected to one of the panels.

    When the roller wheel wears out, it causes the roller not to roll in its stem along with the bearings.

    Damaged rollers tend to call for a replacement.

    It’s the right time for you to consider not just replacing one roller but replacing all the rollers in better conditions.

    Path obstruction

    When there is something lodged into the tracks, the door panels will stop moving.

    Always check the track for any object or item that may cause the tracks to jam.

    Some of the most common things inside tracks that jam the rollers are loose harware or toys inside the garage.

    Clear out the tracks and keep the path clean for smoother travel.

    Colder weather

    There is one factor that you can’t control every day: the weather.

    If it’s too cold, the rollers may freeze in place, not allowing the door panels to move up or down.

    Ice formations may also be present in the path, which jams the rollers to the tracks.

    Always check the weather strip of the garage to ensure that the area is warm enough for the door panels to move.

    Lack of lubrication

    Rollers require lubrication in the bearings and the stem.

    As this part of the mechanism moves a lot, it helps when you grease up the parts in the roller.

    You don’t need to lubricate the tracks anymore.

    Apply the proper lubrication for the roller to keep its smooth rotational movement around the stem.

    Types of rollers

    There are three types of rollers that you can consider as a replacement.

    If the rollers get stuck frequently, these are your options for a new set.

    Plastic door roller

    Plastic rollers don’t have bearings.

    The stem rotates along the track, resulting in a wheel that moves or slides along the tracks.

    One disadvantage of this is the durability and lower count cycle of the roller.

    Nylon door roller

    Nylon door rollers are the newest roller types in the market.

    Nylon rollers have bearings, meaning some ball bearings help provide smooth rotation with the wheels.

    Nylon rollers are best for quiet operations and durability.

    Steel door roller

    The most durable roller is the steel roller.

    Like the nylon roller, steel rollers have bearings that provide for a smoother and more quiet operation.

    The only downside is that without proper care, the roller may be prone to corrosion.

    Hire a team of professionals to repair the issue and replace damaged rollers in the track

    We are Lone Star Garage Doors Austin, and we are here to provide professional garage door repair in Austin.

    We can replace and lubricate new door rollers in your mechanism to ensure that you don’t experience a door panel that gets stuck halfway.

    We also offer garage door installation in Austin for parts in case you want to upgrade your model into a smoother gliding door.

    We are available at all times.

    Give our team a call for an appointment.

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