Garage Door Closing Unevenly

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    Having unbalanced doors is one of the most obvious signs that there is something wrong with the garage door.

    The door panels should always be level in closing the garage.

    When one side hangs higher, and the other side hangs lower, you may encounter an imbalance in the mechanism.

    Expect one side of the frame to derail and possibly affect the other connecting parts as well.

    Avoid uneven doors by inspecting the garage every time you close the doors.

    If you ever experience a garage door closing unevenly, call for professional services immediately.

    Don’t attempt to operate the doors again.

    Call Lone Star Garage Doors Austin to examine the uneven doors and provide the proper solution to the issue.

    Let our team handle the doors, so you don’t need to compromise your safety.

    We are available at any time of the day.

    If the situation gets out of hand and you find yourself with a hanging door that becomes more severely uneven, call us!

    Causes for the garage door to close unevenly

    There are many causes of an uneven door.

    Rest assured, the panels may be the last thing causing the issue.

    Here are some reasons why the doors are closing unevenly:

    Misaligned tracks

    The tracks that are resting on the door frame should always be in line with one another.

    As the tracks guide the door panels up and down the garage, uneven tracks can result in uneven levels between the panels.

    One side may stretch too far from the original track position.

    The other side may be too far and unparallel from the other track.

    No matter what, you need to keep the tracks in line to maintain balanced doors.

    Broken springs

    Broken springs often result in different forces that work on the door panels.

    If one spring is broken, then that side may end up needing support from the other side.

    Broken torsion or tension springs are hazardous in the garage.

    If one spring can’t handle the total weight of the doors, having uneven doors may be the last thing on your mind.

    Look out for falling door panels or hanging garage doors along the tracks.

    Snapping cables

    The cables work side by side with the springs.

    As the springs rotate or compress to lift the door panels, the cables cycle around the cable drums and pulleys to support.

    Loose cables or broken cables result in uneven garage doors.

    When the cables snap, replacements are necessary.

    Book for a cable replacement and adjustment immediately.

    Track obstruction

    Sometimes, the cause is very simple.

    If something is blocking the pathway of the tracks, then it produces obstruction that derails the panels.

    The rollers get stuck dragging along the tracks.

    As a result, one side of the door is lower and on the normal height travel, while the other is farther up.

    Immediately stop the movement of the doors in case of track obstruction.

    Garage door repair in Austin

    Refrain from using the garage first when the doors are not at the proper level inside the tracks.

    Uneven panels are just the starting point of potential problems.

    The other parts are connected or directly operating the door panels.

    If there are issues with the door panels, it will likely affect and induce damages in the other parts.

    When you experience a garage door closing unevenly, call us for repairs at once!

    We will be with you shortly to attend to the current conditions of the doors.

    Don’t wait for the conditions of the door to worsen.

    Call us for your garage emergencies and urgent repair services

    Lone Star Garage Doors Austin is one of the companies around town that can provide you with professional services.

    You don’t need to book teams from locations far away to attend to your needs.

    If the garage door is under emergency, you can give us a call.

    Don’t attempt to fix things by yourself, as you may end up gaining injuries.

    Wait for our team to arrive and refrain from going inside the garage at this time.

    Our team offers repair services and garage door installation in Austin to residences and businesses in Austin.

    We are available at any time of the day.

    Contact us for concerns and emergencies.

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